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Single Tooth Dental Implant
Sammamish, WA

Older man looking at his new dental implants at Jason Widner DMD Family Dentistry in Sammamish, WAIndividual dental implants provide a long-lasting remedy for individuals dealing with tooth loss. These dental implants serve as a standard treatment for replacing single missing teeth, offering benefits that go beyond mere restoration of the appearance of one's smile. Single tooth dental implants stimulate bone density in the jaw, enhance durability, preserve the health of your natural teeth, and provide a lasting solution to tooth loss. At Jason Widner DMD Family Dentistry we are happy to offer single tooth dental implants to our patients as a solution to missing teeth.

What is a Single Tooth Implant?

Made up of three essential components, an individual dental implant consists of the titanium implant itself, the abutment, and the crown. The implant is crafted from biocompatible titanium and serves as an artificial tooth root. This fosters osseointegration, the fusing of the implant with the jawbone, for a secure and permanent foundation. Connected to the implant, the abutment links it to the custom-made dental crown. The crown replicates the look and function of a natural tooth. All three of these pieces together ensure a seamless and natural restoration.

Benefits of Single Tooth Dental Implants

Unlike traditional dentures and bridges, individual dental implants do not rely on adjacent teeth for support. This helps preserve the integrity of nearby healthy teeth.

Constructed from porcelain or ceramic materials, the dental crown closely resembles a natural tooth in appearance and strength, causing it to blend in with your existing teeth for a natural-looking smile.

Furthermore, single tooth implants facilitate improved chewing and speech, offering a stability and comfort that surpass other dental prosthetics. There are no food restrictions with single tooth dental implants.

Unlike dental bridges, which require special cleaning, single tooth dental implants do not require special care. You will maintain your oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing practices. The ease of your routine oral health care prevents complications and supports long-term oral health.

Additionally, because they mimic your natural tooth roots, single tooth dental implants help prevent bone loss, thus preserving the health of the jawbone. When you have missing teeth, there is nothing there to support the jawbone, and it quickly begins to weaken, shrink, and deteriorate.

Eligibility for Individual Dental Implants

While individual dental implants boast high success rates, patient suitability hinges on factors like overall health, oral hygiene, and bone density. A comprehensive assessment will be conducted by our dental team to determine candidacy for the procedure. Adherence to post-operative care instructions after your dental implant surgery is key for recovery.

Individual dental implants offer a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional solution for individuals grappling with tooth loss, with advancing techniques making them an increasingly popular choice. This trend provides more patients with the opportunity to opt for this effective solution to missing teeth.

Single Tooth Implants Dental Haven

If you're missing teeth and aren't sure what to do, contact us at Jason Widner DMD Family Dentistry at 425-868-0123 to schedule a consultation. We can determine if single tooth dental implants are the right restoration for you.
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