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Mouth Body Connection

A happy couple brushing teeth togetherDo you know that the health of your mouth directly affects your body’s health, including your heart and brain? Unhealthy gums may affect your overall health in many ways. The mouth is the access point for nutrition which is why good oral health is very important to your overall well-being. Moreover, research suggests that oral infections and poor oral health may lead to lung and heart disease, premature births, stroke, and diabetes.

Poor oral health does not only affect physical health but also has ramifications on your social, psychological, and financial well-being. Our teeth and mouths are heavily used in non-verbal and verbal communication. If you have poor oral hygiene, then it can affect your daily interactions at home and work, impacting self-esteem, causing anxiety, and making us avoid social interactions. At Jason Widner DMD Family Dentistry, we help our patients to control and improve their oral health through treatments, regular checkups, and offering information to make their best decisions.

Oral and Overall Health: Why They Are Closely Related

The connection between oral health and overall health has a strong correlation. The mouth is an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive and it is also the primary pathway into the body. A person's mouth has about six million bacteria present. Most are harmless or well-controlled by the natural defense of the body as long as you practice good oral health. If you fail, then the bacteria will continue to multiply, then will enter your bloodstream, and will eventually spread to other parts of your body. Some studies have suggested that inflammation and oral bacteria associated with gum disease can contribute to some serious conditions that include:


This is a type of infection that occurs in the inner lining of heart valves or chambers. It occurs when germs or bacteria from the mouth spread to the bloodstream and attach to some areas of the heart.

Cardiovascular Disease

Although this connection is under investigation, research suggests that stroke, clogged arteries, and heart disease might be linked with infections and inflammation of gum disease.

Birth and Pregnancy Complications

Oral health can affect the health of your unborn child. It could also lead to periodontitis which has been related to low birth weight and premature birth.


This is a type of respiratory condition that can be related to mouth bacteria that are pulled into your lungs. When the bacteria attacks your lungs, it can cause a person to have a hard time breathing and will need to seek medical attention.

Ways to Ensure Good Oral Health

You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste for about two minutes. Moreover, floss your mouth once a day using dental floss. You should opt for mouthwash as it can assist you to keep your gums and teeth in tip-top shape. In addition, regularly visiting your dentist for regular exams and cleanings will help to keep you healthy. Remember, what is good for your body is also great for your mouth. Avoid activities such as drinking and smoking.

At Jason Widner DMD Family Dentistry, we can assist you to avoid many complications that come with oral health. We will work with you to maintain and establish excellent home care routines in addition to keeping you on track with regular hygiene and dental visits. Contact us today to book an appointment.
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