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What Does the Movable Lump on Your Jawbone Mean?

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Jason Widner DMD Family Dentistry
Woman with hurting jawbone pain in dental chair waiting to be seen at Jason Widner DMD Family Dentistry in Sammamish, WAA moveable bulge on the jaw bone may indicate one of several possible conditions. Therefore, seeing a dentist for a precise diagnosis is essential. Here are a few reasons why a moveable mass on the mandible could occur.

Inflamed Lymph Node

The lymph nodes typically increase when an infection, swelling, or other body immune system reactions occur. Head, neck, or oral cavity diseases cause swellings.

Digestive Gland Problems

Inflammation and the feeling of a moveable mass on the jaw bone may be symptoms of disorders of the salivary glands, including infections and a clogged duct. This can cause discomfort, particularly while eating.

Abscess or Cyst

Tooth problems, infections, or other causes can bring on an abscess. Symptoms of an abscess involve pain, increased size in the lump, and, at times, pus discharge.

Dental Issues

A dental problem, an abscess, or an infected tooth can cause inflammation and the sensation of the feeling of a lump in the jaw. Dental issues can bring with them pain, sensitivity, or changes in the way the tooth looks.

Inflammatory Conditions

Jaw masses and swelling of joints are also found in inflammatory diseases such as autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis. Such diseases require a proper medical assessment and may correlate to systemic symptoms.

Benign Growths

Although less frequent, benign tumors in the jawbone can occasionally appear as moveable lumps. These might or might not be connected to other symptoms like pain.

A moveable mass on the palate should always be seen by a dentist, particularly if it continues, gets more prominent, or appears with other worrisome symptoms. A dental practitioner, oral surgeon, medical professional, or other healthcare provider can perform a comprehensive examination, obtain an extensive medical history, and suggest imaging scans or further diagnostic testing to identify the underlying reason. If you are worried about a lump on your jaw, contact our office today. We will ensure you have a thorough assessment and the correct treatment.

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