Every parent knows that creativity is the key to getting your kids to eat healthily. Our family dental team is excited to share a few ideas to generate fun ways to keep your kids on the right track through Halloween. We welcome you to try these sugar-free treats, and delight in the joy your children have eating them.

A vegetable and fruit tray is a great way to get your kids to eat fresh foods that are great for dental hygiene. Here are some cute ideas to make those veggies look irresistible. 

Healthier Halloween for Kids

1. Carrot Pumpkin

We love this idea from littledairyontheprairie.com. You simply cut carrots into pumpkin shapes. Be sure to add ranch dressing so that kids can dip their scary treats.

2. Silly Apple Bites

What a great way to eat fruit. These apples have seeds for teeth, and strawberry slices for the tongue. Go to forkandbeans.com for the entire recipe.

3. Boo-nana Pops

Dip bananas into yogurt for the kids or chocolate for Mom. Use chocolate chips for the eyes, sprinkle with caramel syrup or peanut butter, and pop them in the fridge. See wellplated.com for the recipe.

4. Vegetable Skeleton

The kids can totally do the work building this awesome veggie skeleton with dip for a head, peppers for ribs, cucumber for the spine, and the ideas are endless. Check out more on this scary salad at fabulouslyfrugal.com

5. Frankenstein Kiwi Fruit

Get a kiwi for the head of this monster and use pretzels for the mouth. Add chocolate chips for the eyes. See eazypeazymeals.com for more information.

Getting your kids to eat fruit is not as hard as it looks. We have shared just a few of the many examples that you can use from the Internet. We know that anything you get excited about, your kids will, too.

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